DIVA AG adopts successful Viewster brand across all operations


DIVA AG, the European based distributor of high quality movie content to industry partners around the world, is to rebrand itself ‘Viewster’.

The Viewster name is already used to brand the company’s end-to-end offer on-screen to consumers.
The company sources and delivers ‘The Finest Movies on Demand’ through a multi-tiered distribution model. A content provider for on-demand platforms including iTunes and Netflix, it also provides channels to services such as YouTube and Hulu, as well as delivering an end to end on-demand movie solution to manufacturers of connected TVs, Tablets and other devices, including Samsung and LG.
“We are first and foremost a provider of B2B content services to 100+ platform and device partners across the industry and around the world”, said Kai Henniges, CEO of Viewster. “Our end-to-end solution is now available in 40 markets on 15m devices in 18 languages. Our sole concern is to continue to offer our partners the best possible service in terms of hand-picked movies and modular video on demand technology. The rebrand will change nothing. We are simply making it easier for everyone we work with to understand precisely who we are.”

Success of on-screen brand catches Viewster unawares.

“The rapid establishment of our Viewster consumer service brand caught us a little unawares,” said Henniges. “As this is the only name belonging to us that ever appears on screen, we have quickly found everyone referring to us as ‘Viewster’. Rather than forever clarifying what is DIVA and what is Viewster, we have decided to rebrand as Viewster everywhere. We’ve become as fond of it as everyone else.”

Quality catalogue key to Viewster success.

The rebranded Viewster provides its partners with access to an extensive catalogue of classic and current Hollywood movies and award-winning independent films and TV series, adding action, comedy, thriller and other popular genre new release movies on a continuous basis. The company refreshes some 20 percent of its catalogue each year.
Viewers accessing Viewster’s content on connected TVs and devices enjoy day and date releases, and a significant amount of free, advertising supported content, as well as high-value niche catalogues serving expat communities.

About Viewster
Founded in 2007 Viewster (formerly DIVA AG) is a privately held company based in Zurich, Switzerland with offices in San Jose, Berlin and London. The company is a leading supplier of movies, TV series and short form contents, delivering content to video on demand platforms and connected devices globally. Viewster’s customers are over-the-top platforms, IPTV operators and device manufacturers in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. Content management, normalisation, secure delivery and reporting are handled by Viewster’s proprietary software platform. Viewster’s end-to-end service went live in beta in November 2010.