Innovation Showcase: VQLink

VQLink Innovation Showcase

VQLink will demonstrate its patent-pending AVQ technology for automatic measurement, reporting and enhancement of video quality in the distribution network. AVQ incorporates a real-time mimic of the human visual system, finely tuned to detect artifacts that really matter, but without the notorious "crying wolf" syndrome:  false alarms that have been known to compromise automatic VQ technologies, especially the class of no-reference methods that can be deployed anywhere in the  network, without the need for comparing against the original video source.

The VQLink demo features its single-RU multichannel product and simultaneous views of video clips and real time AVQ reports of their quality. Reports include time-granular displays and classifications of artifacts related to encoding and transport, as well as trends of global quality indicators such as number of errored seconds and mean opinion score (MOS). Actionable AVQ outputs include live reports as well as per-session statistics, designed to help operators identify and correct video quality issues, to satisfy content provider expectations, and to enhance end-user experience.

75 5th St. NW, Ste 222, Atlanta, GA 30308

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