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Latest Headlines

Lightpath equips over 65 N.J.-based school districts to its Ethernet, fiber network

Lightpath has struck a chord with the education vertical segment, connecting over 65 New Jersey schools to its fiber network thanks to its involvement in a purchasing cooperative created via the New Jersey Department of Education's Digital Readiness for Learning and Assessment Project (DRLAP).

Cablevision settles class-action suit over set-top rental fees

Cablevision has settled a class-action suit filed against it for tying various services to set-top rental fees. According to documents related to the settlement, which were obtained by  Broadcasting & Cable, the settlement obligates Cablevision to open its systems to certain third-party set-top box providers.

Verizon's advertised Internet speeds put to the test by New York AG

Verizon's Internet speeds in New York are facing further scrutiny from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who asked users on Sunday to test the speeds of their Internet connections and post the results online.

Cablevision shareholders withdraw suits over Altice purchase

A pair of lawsuits filed by Cablevision shareholders over the company's pending acquisition by Altice have been withdrawn.

CWA opposes Altice's Cablevision deal, says it will downsize and outsource

The Communications Workers of America, which represents 300 Cablevision employees, has filed an official objection with the FCC to Altice's planned $17.7 billion acquisition of Cablevision, citing concerns that the company's sizable debt from the deal will require it to downsize and outsource much of the work.

Cablevision signs long-term addressable ad deal with GroupM

Cablevision's trial of its addressable advertising system with several large ad agencies has resulted in a long-term deal with GroupM's MODI Media.

From DAI to programmatic: Why advanced advertising is giving pay-TV operators a reason to stay in the video biz

In television's most disrupted hour, pay-TV operators are in a prime position to not only control the broadband infrastructure that will transport the video of the future, but also to facilitate the advanced advertising schemes that will support it.

Cablevision, Comcast and others see dollar signs in advanced advertising

Traditional pay-TV service revenues may be declining, but Cablevision and Comcast are among operators that see potential dollars in using dynamic ad insertion and programmatic marketplace tools in their on-demand video offerings.

USTelecom says FCC should consider how Charter-TWC merger impacts ILEC broadband competition

As Charter Communications moves forward with its pending $79 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable, USTelecom is concerned that the deal and other consolidation in the cable market could impede broadband competition for ILECs and other competitors.  

Cablevision reportedly testing 1 Gbps services in New Jersey apartments

Cablevision has been quietly conducting trials of 1-gig Internet service in select New Jersey apartments, posters to DSLReports message boards indicate.