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Latest Headlines

Comcast's Xfinity Games service blasted as 'confusing, unfocused'

Comcast announced its new Xfinity Games service earlier this month with partner Electronic Arts, and early reviews of the offering are decidedly negative. Ars Technica tested the handful of games available through the service using Comcast's X1 platform and an iPad as a controller, and found that "Xfinity Games isn't just 'beta' bad; it could go down as one of the most confusing, unfocused gaming launches we've ever seen."

Comcast Wholesale teams with Rovi to deliver interactive program guides to analog homes

Comcast Wholesale will offer Rovi's video programming guide for digital terminal adapters (DTAs) to its HITS affiliate MSOs, enabling consumers with ages-old analog TV tech to experience a next-generation program guide.

Comcast's NBCU turnaround complete as Universal Pictures breaks record with $5B box-office haul

Although the struggling motion-picture division it purchased four years ago as part of its NBCUniversal deal was largely an afterthought, Comcast is now seeing its Universal Pictures division produce record-setting revenue.

Comcast to supply GigE services to Host.net, enhances data center connectivity reach

Comcast Business is offering Ethernet services to Host.net, a Florida-based managed services and data center provider, an agreement that enhances the cable MSO reach into the data center market.

Experts: Cord shavers are a much bigger threat than cord cutters

ASPEN, Colo.--Cable subscribers who are looking for ways to shrink their cable subscription package--dubbed "cord shavers"--should be a much bigger concern for traditional pay-TV operators than cord cutters, according to a panel of experts speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference here.

Analysts: T-Mobile's new 10 GB family plan promotion will pressure capacity, speed up M&A

T-Mobile US' new family plan promotion will likely put more pressure on its network capacity and speed up the timeframe for when it needs to make a deal with another company, according to financial analysts.

Comcast's Stream gets mixed reviews, but will likely keep Sling TV on its toes

Pay-TV giant Comcast announced that it will begin testing Stream, its new over-the-top linear video service, in the Boston market very soon, followed by Chicago and Seattle. The $15 per month service will expand nationwide by 2016. But despite being offered by one of the top cable providers in the U.S., Stream may struggle against Sling TV and other linear offerings, if tech experts' reviews of the service bear out.

Comcast makes EA deal official, will deliver games through X1 via Xfinity Games

Comcast has officially launched Xfinity Games into beta. Under a partnership with Electronic Arts, the cable company has begun streaming 20 video games to X1 subscribers, allowing them to play games such as Plants vs. Zombies and PGA Tour using Apple and Android smart phones and tablets as controllers.

Comcast Stream will 'cannibalize' MSO's core video services, analyst says

Comcast's upcoming over-the-top pay-TV service could prove popular enough to siphon subscribers away from the MSO's more profitable linear video products, an analyst tells  FierceCable.

Comcast introduces $159 promotional rate for 2 Gbps service

Comcast has finally revealed promotional pricing for Gigabit Pro 2 Gbps in a number of its Central Division markets, where it will offer the service for $159 a month to customers who sign a three-year contract.