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Latest Headlines

Comcast puts down $1.5B for controlling stake in Universal Studios Japan

With attendance and cash flow bubbling over for its theme parks business, Comcast has announced that it is paying $1.5 billion for a controlling interest in Universal Studios Japan. 

FCC's Sallet: Comcast-TWC merger would have thrown 'sand in gears' of online video distributors

Shedding light on the FCC's rationale for rejecting Comcast's proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable earlier this year, agency general counsel John Sallet said concerns over how the merged cable giant would handle online video competition weighed most heavily in the FCC's decision-making.

Comcast says it is ready to tackle the IPv4 to IPv6 transition

Comcast is aware that the last of the IPv4 addresses have been doled out by the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN), but the cable MSO says it is ready to make the move to IPv6 addressing.

DirecTV tops J.D. Power pay-TV customer satisfaction ranker; TWC once again dead last

DirecTV ranked No. 1 among pay-TV service providers in J.D. Power's annual survey of consumers on TV, Internet and phone service providers.

Comcast Business threatens Verizon, AT&T with enterprise unit, but VPN, mobility, and scale remain key issues

Comcast Business has emerged as a potentially new threat to AT&T, Verizon and Level 3 Communications on the large business front with the introduction of a new unit that will offer business services to large Fortune 1000 business customers in the U.S. For the operator, it's a logical step.

COMPTEL: Broadband competition is intertwined with ability to offer video service

COMPTEL said in a new FCC filing that its wireline broadband members like Google Fiber and Windstream need access to fairly priced video content in order to drive new choices for consumers.

AT&T challenges Time Warner Cable, Comcast as San Antonio's largest broadband overbuilder

AT&T's upcoming launch of its 1 Gbps FTTH service next week in San Antonio illustrates that the service provider has become a major overbuilder challenger to the city's cable operators Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Facing Google Fiber and CenturyLink's PrismTV, Comcast tests customer service overhaul in Oregon

Comcast has selected Oregon has the guinea pig for its much ballyhooed customer-service overhaul. The company has deployed its new Apple Store-like architecture in several retail locations in the state, remodeling the stores to have a modern but warm, human vibe (just imagine Universal Pictures' cuddly "Minion" characters copiously sprinkled around next-generation X1 set-tops and gateways).

Level 3's Storey: Comcast's large business unit may enable new wholesale opportunities

Level 3 Communications isn't afraid of Comcast's recent creation of a new division to serve the complex wholesale segment, and sees potential wholesale service sales opportunities with the cable MSO, according to an executive.

Comcast to pay $33M, change policies after releasing customer data

Comcast will pay $33 million in fines and refunds and change its business practices to settle complaints with the California Department of Justice and the California Public Utilities Commission that it improperly disclosed customer data.