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Latest Headlines

CenturyLink taps Time Warner Cable exec Vernon Irvin to lead SMB sales effort

CenturyLink has added more firepower to its small and mid-sized business (SMB) arsenal by naming Vernon Irvin as the new vice president of sales for its Business Solutions Group.

Comcast expands Xfinity On Campus rollout to Newton, Mass.

Comcast has launched its Xfinity On Campus service at Lasell College, a small school in Newton, Mass., according to a Web site it has created for the IPTV product.

Maffei: Liberty would eye options if Comcast fails to close TWC deal

The CEO of Charter Communications investor Liberty Media suggested Friday that the company could consider the option of making another run at acquiring Time Warner Cable if Comcast fails to close its merger agreement.

Comcast preps Internet Essentials progress report

Comcast said it plans to release a progress report on March 4 for its Internet Essentials program, the $9.95 monthly Internet tier that it offers to low-income homes within its footprint.

OTT video could threaten the future of TV Everywhere

Mobile video apps like  Sprout NOW  and USA Network NOW show both the progress that the TV Everywhere concept has made and how over-the-top video service is emerging as a key challenger.  FierceCable  explores this new battleground in its new  TV Everywhere 2014 eBook.  Read more

TV Everywhere progress threatened by over-the-top video

A look at the mobile video apps Sprout NOW and USA Network NOW that Comcast's NBCUniversal has launched for two of its cable networks show both the progress the industry has made with TV Everywhere, and how over-the-top-video could shake up the sector.

The Internet is like this other thing

Washington loves a good analogy almost as much as Silicon Valley, and recent events are providing plenty of fodder for Internet analogies.

NBCU launches Sprout NOW TV Everywhere app

Comcast's NBCUniversal launched a TV Everywhere app for preschool network Sprout, which could help it compete with Walt Disney Co.'s Watch Disney Junior app and a multiplatform product Viacom is developing for its Nick Jr. kids network.

Netflix, Comcast peering deal expected to prompt others

The recent peering agreement between Netflix and Comcast is expected to prompt other deals between content companies and broadband network operators.

Netflix signs interconnection with Comcast but will others follow?

Netflix and Comcast have reached what could be seen as a landmark interconnection deal that will give the streaming video provider what it says is a "more direct connection" to Comcast's broadband network. Interestingly, not long after Comcast made its announcement, AT&T and Verizon said they are negotiating similar deals with the streaming video company.