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Latest Headlines

Verizon gives 'FiOS-envy' markets little reason for hope

Verizon may be focused on enhancing its FiOS subscriber counts in the markets where it already built out fiber to the home (FTTH) infrastructure, but as seen in its  first-quarter earnings results, it looks as though those markets are becoming saturated. Yet it's doubtful the company will expand into new markets for FiOS.   

Report: AT&T has talked to DirecTV about a purchase

AT&T has been in discussions with DirecTV about purchasing the satellite TV provider, according to a report in  The Wall Street Journal  citing unnamed sources close to the talks.

Shifting consumer behavior driving personalization of pay-TV content

Consumers are behaving differently than in past years, as more content is viewed by more people over more devices. That shifting behavior is presenting some tricky challenges for cable's ecosystem. It's also presenting some appealing opportunities, according to panelists at the Meet the New Consumer Behavior panel at The Cable Show.

TV Everywhere's biggest challenge: customer awareness

When 2014 March Madness reached 69 million video streams, TV Everywhere got the attention of not only the cable industry, but the world. But "there's still a gap" in viewing numbers between such events that's hindering TVE progress, a Turner executive said at The Cable Show.

Comcast planning 8 million Wi-Fi hotspots in 19 major cities by year-end

Comcast Wi-Fi network only encompasses 1 million hotspots right now, but that number will skyrocket to a whopping 8 million by year's end, with the cable MSO promising to operate hotspots in 19 of the country's 30 largest cities.

Charter CEO Rutledge endorses Comcast-TWC deal, calls it 'dynamically positive' for customers

Comcast's pending $45.2 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable was prevalent in nearly every conversation at The Cable Show, including the opening session where four of the industry's top executives weighed in on the deal.    

Cable execs say Wi-Fi is complementary to cellular... for now

Cable MSOs touted the rapid expansion of their Wi-Fi footprints but stopped short of saying that they envision a day when their wireless networks may be competitive to cellular operators.

Netflix deals with Verizon, Comcast aren't helping net neutrality, but does that matter?

It's easy to feel somewhat torn by Netflix's recent moves to pay Comcast and now Verizon for better access to their broadband subscribers. On one hand, as a FiOS subscriber, I should see better quality video and fewer buffering messages when binging on  MST3K  and catching up on  Walking Dead. On the other hand, as a concerned citizen, I should be really, really worried about the precedent Netflix is setting just as the FCC completes its third revision of net neutrality rules.

Comcast, AT&T, beef up personalized TV service offerings

Once-and-future TV service competitors Comcast and AT&T have beefed up their TV offerings with new features aimed at further personalizing the interactive viewing experience.

Netflix, Verizon reach interconnection pact

Netflix has signed a new interconnection agreement with Verizon in an effort to improve the experience it can provide to users that leverage the service provider's fiber to the home (FTTH) network for access to the streaming video service.