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Latest Headlines

Gunshot to Comcast fiber-optic line causes service outage in Maine

Fiber-optic lines are often cut but a recent outage in Gorham, Maine happened after a fiber cable was hit by gunshots, causing $30,000 in damages.

AT&T donates $62.5K to Missouri lawmakers ahead of anti-muni broadband bill's passage

AT&T in the past few months donated over $62,000 to Missouri lawmakers who just passed a bill designed to put a cap on municipal broadband expansions.

Comcast's 2 Gig service is cost-prohibitive, say Portland, Ore. officials

Comcast may be making progress in delivering its 2 Gbps service to areas like Portland, Ore., to battle emerging threats like Google Fiber, but city officials say the $300-a-month service is cost-prohibitive for most local residents. In addition to the $300 monthly fee, customers have to shell out $1,000 to have Comcast install fiber at their residence.

Comcast accused of using 2 gig fiber service to exploit Oregon tax law meant for Google Fiber

Comcast is being accused of using its pricey, 2 Gbps "Gigabit Pro" service to try to exploit Oregon tax laws that were originally put on the books to lure Google Fiber.

Top 9 cable, satellite and telco pay-TV operators in Q4: Ranking Comcast to TWC to Charter to Cablevision

Now that the fourth-quarter and full-year 2015 earnings season is in the rearview, it's time to assess the damage. FierceCable has assembled a complete look at the fourth-quarter earnings season, ranking the top cable, satellite and telco pay-TV operators and offering a look at their performance in a number of key metrics, including subscriber growth and average revenues per user (ARPU).

Sonic one-ups Google Fiber in San Francisco with 1 Gbps service for $40

Sonic, a competitive residential and business service provider, is challenging Google Fiber's entry into the San Francisco broadband market with a $40 a month, 1 Gbps service called Fusion.

Google to use existing fiber to roll out 1 Gbps services in San Francisco in challenge to AT&T, Comcast

Google announced it will use existing fiber to roll out its Internet service to "some apartments, condos and affordable housing properties" in San Francisco, the 22nd metro area where Google Fiber is landing. Google Fiber will run up against Comcast, AT&T, Webpass, Monkeybrains and other existing Internet service providers in San Francisco.

Google Fiber joins AT&T, Comcast in Huntsville, Ala.'s 1 Gbps party

Google Fiber is set to become the latest service provider to heed Huntsville, Ala.'s call to bring gigabit services throughout the city by leveraging the city utility's soon-to-be-built fiber network.

Official FC cord-cutting tally: Top publicly traded operators lost 44K video subs in 2015

The top seven publicly traded pay-TV operators lost about 44,000 video subscribers during 2015, according to FierceCable's tally, based on full-year earnings reports.

AT&T enhances 1 Gig presence in Nashville, raises stakes against Comcast, Google Fiber

AT&T will begin offering its 1 Gbps GigaPower service in three Nashville-area cities, setting a further challenge to local cable incumbent Comcast and up-and-coming provider Google Fiber.