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Latest Headlines

DirecTV triples damages claim in Al Jazeera lawsuit to $74.5M; gets ready to pull channel

DirecTV (NASDAQ: DTV) has nearly tripled its damages claim in its lawsuit against Qatar-based cable news programmer Al Jazeera, upping its claim from $28.5 million to $74.5 million after audits...

Pac-12 Network 'interested' in domestic OTT, but not anytime soon

SAN FRANCISCO--The Pac-12 Network will enter its fourth college football season without carriage on DirecTV and without an OTT option available for displaced viewers in the United States.

DirecTV, NFL face class-action suit over Sunday Ticket bundling

DirecTV and the NFL have been hit with a class-action suit, alleging that the bundling of games in the NFL Sunday Ticket package violates antitrust laws.

ACA asks FCC to impose conditions on what DirecTV/AT&T can charge cable operators for RSN rights

The American Cable Association has petitioned the FCC to impose merger conditions on AT&T and DirecTV, mandating that the combined company charge cable competitors reasonable prices to carry its five regional sports networks.

4K TV shipments hit record 3M units in April, IHS says

It's still unclear whether a global market for 4K/UltraHD services from pay-TV providers will ever develop, but an installed base of 4K-capable TV sets does appear to be establishing itself.

DirecTV faces 'unbridgeable chasm' in retrans talks with small broadcasters, group says

A group of smaller broadcasters has filed an emergency petition against DirecTV with the FCC, claiming the satellite TV operator isn't negotiating retransmission licensing in good faith.

DirecTV says Charter got a deal to carry TWC SportsNet LA

DirecTV released a statement Thursday, implying that Time Warner Cable gave its new merger suitor, Charter Communications, a sweetheart deal on regional sports network TWC SportsNet LA.

Entner: T-Mobile and Dish merger would follow macro trend as media, networks converge

As media and networks are converging, T-Mobile US and Dish Netwiork are reportedly talking about merging. The two companies share a mindset as aggressive challenger brands with a maniacal focus on cost cutting, something both companies have to focus on because they entered their respective markets late.

DirecTV has direct ties to the FIFA scandal

DirecTV has a significant ownership and management stake in Torneos y Competencias, one of the sports marketing firms situated in the heart of a scandal rocking international soccer.

CBS says AT&T might shut down U-verse after DirecTV merger

With talks for a wide-ranging carriage renewal deal with AT&T bogging down, CBS Corp. executives are wondering if the wireless giant plans to keep its U-verse pay-TV operation in business after its $49 billion merger with DirecTV finally closes.