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Latest Headlines

AT&T says broadband bundles will drive U-verse TV numbers

Being bundled with broadband high-speed data will boost AT&T U-verse television going into the second quarter of the fiscal year, the carrier predicted in an update on its Project VIP network investment. The bundle, in fact, "reinforces the strategic rationale of AT&T's proposed acquisition of DirecTV," the company said.

Shareholder files class action suit against AT&T and DirecTV

Claiming that $49 billion is not enough to pay for a satellite TV programming service "on the rise," a Los Angeles shareholder has filed a class action suit against AT&T and DirecTV over their proposed merger.

Fox News gets another pay-TV competitor: Newsmax TV

Right-wing media company Newsmax announced Thursday that it will launch a new pay TV channel intended to challenge incumbent Fox News for cable news audience share and advertisers.

Discovery's Zaslav: Comcast-TWC merger 'raises some real issues'

A high-profile voice in the pay-TV programming arena chimed in on Comcast's proposed $45 million purchase of Time Warner Cable.

Moffett: AT&T-DirecTV deal will get done, but not without regulatory 'perspiration'

Kicking the tires on the widely held belief that AT&T's proposed $49.5 billion purchase of DirecTV will sail through the regulatory approval process, media analyst Craig Moffett crunched some of the key numbers federal officials will be looking at when they decide to approve or nix the deal.

Report: Former Fox chief Chernin can make the AT&T-DirecTV merger work

Is former News Corp. president and chief operating officer Peter Chernin the man who is going to make the $49.5 billion AT&T/DirecTV merger work?

AT&T's Stephens: DirecTV deal will create synergies in set-top boxes, advertising and content

AT&T's proposed $48.5 billion acquisition of DirecTV  is not just about streamlining content costs and creating a platform for delivering video content to multiple screens. According to a top AT&T executive, the deal will also create synergies in advertising, set-top box development, billing and more.

AT&T and DirecTV: Complete coverage

AT&T announced plans to purchase DirecTV in a $49 billion deal on Sunday. The transaction could have significant ramifications for the cable industry, the online video industry, the wireless industry and the wider telecommunications industry. Click here for complete Fierce coverage of the deal.

Why AT&T is pushing DirecTV to renew its NFL deal: It's the broadband potential, analysts say

A year ago, DirecTV chairman and CEO Mike White set off a huge wave of speculation regarding the fate of one of the most coveted programming assets in the pay TV industry when he declared "NFL Sunday Ticket" to be a "mature product."

Netflix's Hunt sees TV future without commercials, cable bundles

Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt has seen the future of TV, and it doesn't include commercials. Speaking at Internet Week New York, Hunt said that TV's future will include unbundled cable packages, more personalized content and the end of commercials.