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Latest Headlines

Dish Network replaces commercial video tiers with 'Business Complete' bundles

Looking to boost sales to bar and restaurant owners, Dish Network said Monday that it is beginning to market two new subscription bundles to businesses.

Dish Network nears Media General blackout in 17 markets

Media General is beginning to warn Dish Network subscribers that they will lose its 17 TV stations in 16 markets unless the company agrees to pay increased retransmission-consent fees by Sept. 30.

EchoStar gives Europe a look forward with Hopper with Sling set-top

Updated: Satellite equipment provider Echostar is giving European operators a closer look at its Hopper with Sling combination set-top box this week. Already an established hit with U.S. Dish Networks subscribers, the demo is a way to show what's possible as satellite, cable and telco delivery methods evolve on the continent and elsewhere.

Dish director resigns after disputed LightSquared bid

Gary Howard, a director at Dish Network and a former Liberty Media executive, has resigned from Dish over a disagreement about the company's handling of its $2.2 billion bid to purchase LightSquared. According to the  Wall Street Journal, Howard resigned from the board on July 25, after nearly eight years.

Eshoo bill triggers retransmission-consent showdown

Broadcasters may not be able to use the threat of blackouts to squeeze increased retransmission-consent fees from pay TV providers, if Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) wins support for a bill released Monday.

CEA: Dish, Intel among exhibitors planning 'major product and company news' at CES event

Dish Network and Intel are on the list of companies the Consumer Electronics Association said will participate in its "press day" event on Jan. 6 when it kicks off the 2014 International CES.

Thuuz – ThinkAnalytics deal gives operators personalized sports recommendations

More cable subscribers could soon receive personalized recommendations for sports programming, following an integration deal ThinkAnalytics struck with Thuuz Sports.

Dish teams with Comcast, TWC, Cox to sell targeted ads

Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications have convinced Dish Network to let their National Cable Communications joint venture sell local ads targeting its satellite TV subscribers.

TiVo banks on Roamio DVRs to battle Dish Hopper, DirecTV Genie

TiVo said Tuesday that it will soon begin selling three new DVRs capable of streaming programming to TVs and Apple's iPad and iPhone.

DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Dish agree to launch FS1

Fox Networks said Thursday that it has struck distribution deals for new national sports network FS1 with all major distributors, including Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and Dish Network.