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Latest Headlines

Cox, Cisco to unveil new 'second screen experience' at CES

Top executives from Cox Communications and Cisco said they plan to unveil a new "second screen experience" late Monday during an event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Dish Network launches 'Explorer' remote control app for iPad

Dish Network said it plans to launch an app for Apple's iPad on Monday which will allow subscribers to control its Hopper multiroom DVR, and receive recommendations for programs based on real-time trends.

Cablevision looks at using airplanes equipped with lasers to identify buildings

Cablevision is studying ways to use airplanes equipped with lasers to identify buildings within its service area, and the height of their rooftops, according to a recent patent application.

Dish Network seeks wireless partner

Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton said the company is still looking for a partner to help it build a wireless broadband service using its LTE Advanced spectrum.

DirecTV hiking subscription fees by 4.5 percent

DirecTV said it will raise the rates on its subscription video programming packages by an average of 4.5 percent in February.

Dish Network to hike subscription fees by $5 monthly

Dish Network said it will increase the monthly fees on most of its subscription packages by $5 monthly in January, while the cost of its "America's Everything" package will jump by $15 monthly to $119.99.

TiVo launches Spotify app on Premiere DVR

TiVo launched a streaming music app from Spotify on its Premiere DVR Tuesday--a move that could help it compete with service providers that are offering subscribers DVRs that stream rival streaming music services Pandora and SiriusXM.

FCC gives Dish Network 4 years to build wireless broadband network

Dish Network has four years to build a wireless broadband network that could reach 40 percent of the population in areas covered by its spectrum licenses, the FCC said in an order it issued Monday.

Sprint sets migration path for Clearwire network, spectrum

Sprint Nextel's bid to takeover Clearwire prompts questions regarding how it might integrate both companies' networks as well as speculation that the company is using Clearwire in a game of spectrum chess against other potential acquirers such as Dish Network.

Dish Network considering 'strategic options' after winning FCC approval to build wireless network

Dish Network stock jumped more than 2 percent Wednesday, after the FCC announced late Tuesday that Dish could use wireless broadband spectrum it acquired from TerreStar and DBSD North America to launch a wireless phone and high-speed Internet service.