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Latest Headlines

Sling TV extends access to Android TV, Google Nexus; still waiting on Chromecast

Dish Network's new over-the-top pay-TV service, Sling TV, has continued its aggressive buildout with the announcement of two more compatible devices: Android TV devices and Google Nexus Players.

Citigroup: After it closes on AOL, Verizon should buy Dish Network

Citigroup says that after it finishes digesting AOL, Verizon should seek to acquire Dish Network. "This AOL deal suggests a legacy business did not get in the way of Verizon's strategic aspirations," wrote Citigroup analyst Michael Rollins in a report sent to investors last week, after Verizon announced its $4.4 billion deal to acquire AOL. 

Dish, Cogent ask FCC to place conditions on AT&T/DirecTV deal that favor online video

With approval of the $49 billion merger of AT&T and DirecTV nearing, executives for Dish Network and Cogent Communications reportedly met with FCC officials last week and asked them to impose restrictions on the combined operation as it relates to online video.

Pay-TV subscriber growth saw weak Q1 but still added 10K, report says

Leichtman Research Group found that the 13 largest pay-TV operators grew video subscriptions by less than 10,000 customers in the first quarter, signaling a major slowdown from the 250,000 added in Q1 2014--but not the actual recession signaled by an earlier analyst report.

Ergen delivers subtle--but ominous--threats regarding upcoming Viacom carriage-renewal talks

Although his comments didn't rise to the level of inflammatory rhetoric he's often known for, Dish Network chairman and CEO reminded investors Monday that Dish's pending talks with Viacom are pay TV's most anticipated upcoming carriage negotiation for a reason.

Ergen: Sling TV 'not as good as it needs to be technically'

Early results for new OTT service Sling TV have been "encouraging," but the product needs to improve in the challenging technological area of streaming live TV, according to Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen.

Dish Network loses 134K subs in Q1, blames carriage disputes

Blackouts associated with carriage disputes continued to take a toll on Dish Network in the first quarter, with the satellite operator losing 134,000 customers to start the year.

Sling TV's Lynch: 'We don't think of people leaving the service as churn'

CHICAGO--Speaking on an INTX panel Thursday focused on over-the-top distribution, Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch conceded that his new service experiences a greater amount of quick cancellations after sign-up, compared to traditional pay-TV services.

Sling TV adds two Latino-focused channel packs, moves Bloomberg to basic tier

Dish Network has once again bulked up the program offering of its three-month-old over-the-top service, Sling TV, adding two Latino-focused add-on packages while moving Bloomberg TV to the service's basic tier.

Dish joins Sprint, T-Mobile to influence FCC on auction rules

Dish Network is joining forces with T-Mobile, Sprint, C Spire Wireless and a group of policy and public interest groups on a new alliance created to pressure the FCC as it creates rules for the 600 MHz incentive auctions.