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Latest Headlines

FCC to restrict Charter-TWC from using contract terms to stifle online video, WSJ says

As part of conditions it will require for approval of the merger of Charter Communications with Time Warner Cable, the FCC will restrict the combined cable operator from using contract terms with programmers to stifle their online video efforts.

Clippers OTT threat hardly idle, according to regional sports network watchers

Could former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer really take local video coverage of his newly acquired NBA team over-the-top? After a New York Post report surfaced last week that Ballmer is considering doing just that with his Los Angeles Clippers, SNL Kagan kicked the tires on the prospect of an owner familiar with online video tech going OTT-- and found it, well, plausible.

Variety unearths Web-based demo of Comcast's upcoming 'Watchable' online video platform

Variety  briefly uncovered an online demo of Comcast's new online video platform titled, tentatively at least, "Watchable."

Al Jazeera, YipTV show differing sides of FCC's probe into changing MVPD rules

As the FCC considers major changes to the way TV content is distributed on the Internet, two companies recently issued pleas with the commission that show the complex and fractured nature of pay TV today alongside the challenges of moving TV onto the Internet.

Wurl unveils new ad-tech feature, AdSpring, for streaming video to pay-TV set-tops

Wurl, a Silicon Valley startup that specializes in streaming online video to the growing number of hybrid IP/QAM pay-TV set-top boxes, is launching a new ad-tech service that lets online content owners and pay-TV operators monetize this streaming.

Online video space teeming with startups- Fierce tallies the top 15

FierceOnlineVideo  came up with a list of the top 15 emerging start-ups in the online video space. You can  read it here. 

Chernin, AOL's Armstrong focus on expanding content, international distribution

Speaking at the INTX convention in Chicago Tuesday, top Internet video executives Peter Chernin and Tim Armstrong reiterated their belief that increasingly valuable branded content will continue to drive the online video market for the foreseeable future.

WOW! deploys Wurl streaming video platform on Midwest cable systems

Silicon Valley startup Wurl has announced that its 1Guide streaming media platform for pay-TV set-tops has been deployed by WOW! on cable systems in Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Michigan as part of the MSO's "Streamland" service.

As YouTube turns 10, the online video crown gets heavy

It will be 10 years ago in April since the first video, Me at the Zoo, was uploaded onto YouTube. Over the last decade, the Google-owned platform has evolved into the King of all Video, commanding more audience share--and creator input--than any other platform on Earth.

Pay-TV's 2014 dominated by AT&T, Comcast mergers and online video: Year in Review

Call 2014 a table-setting year for the cable business. From mergers to big online programming launches, a lot of groundwork was laid this past year, the fruits of which won't be known until we get well into 2015.