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Latest Headlines

NPD report solidifies online video's growing threat to pay-TV

It's clear that content providers are guarding their brands and that online video is becoming a huge threat to over-the-air and pay-TV services.

Aereo shows that cord cutting has a long way to go

What's a cord-cutter's viewing experience like? I recently had the chance to sign up for Aereo when the service launched in late August in the Boston area. With online video streaming equipment in place on all of my TV sets and devices, and subscriptions to a few OTT services already in place, a service streaming local broadcast signals from a leased antenna seemed like the icing on the online video cake.

IPTV is now part of a much bigger world

In football terms, IPTV is the AFL of video entertainment, taking the field in the shadow of the NFL but, through the efforts of some pretty powerful players like AT&T and CenturyLink, reaching competitive parity with the big guys. That's why IPTV, the reason FierceIPTV was spawned in the first place, is no longer a niche product to be studied in a niche publication; it is part of a worldwide IP-based market of carriers and service providers.

Piksel partners with Olympusat Telecom to push deeper into Americas

Piksel, the company formerly known at KIT digital, Saturday announced it had agreed to allow Olympusat Telecom to become a reseller of its online video platform.

Viacom, Fremantle execs say second screen is key to broadcast strategy

Broadcast media executives at IBC 2013's opening keynote address agreed that media is changing and that second-screen engagement is a key part of their strategy, but are taking slightly different paths in the way they distribute their content outside the traditional channels and in how they engage their viewers.

Engine's Wight: Don't write off traditional TV yet

Television isn't going anywhere, says Robin Wight, president of Engine, because it's playing a key role in the way humans communicate and evolve. And it will be a major player in the growth of the entire media ecosystem that encompasses second- and third-screen viewing and engagement.

Welcome to the IBC Preview Issue

Welcome to FierceCable's IBC 2013 Preview Issue! In this issue, we take a look at some of the trends and topics that will rear their heads at this annual showcase for Europe's broadcast industry. Plus, we chat with a few of the exhibitors about their view of the top trends at IBC.

Netflix not a TV cannibal, says TiVo Research

Netflix is many things--including a frontrunner for some Emmy hardware--but it's not a cannibal, according to TiVo Research and Analytics' (TRA) study of traditional TV tuning behaviors of self-identified Netflix subscribers.

Fox, Disney, NBCU pull Hulu for-sale sign; invest $750M in online video distributor

Hulu owners 21 st  Century Fox, NBCUniversal and Walt Disney Co. said Friday that they won't sell their equity stakes in the company and will instead plow $750 million into the online video distributor.

Updated: Samsung adds cloud DVR to arsenal with $30M Boxee acquisition

Samsung said Wednesday that it acquired Boxee in a $30 million deal that could allow it to offer viewers cloud-based DVR storage."Samsung has acquired key talent and assets from Boxee," Samsung said in a prepared statement.