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Latest Headlines

Deloitte: Multi-device content demand continues to grow

New findings from Deloitte's Eighth "Digital Democracy Survey" confirm what MVPDs already knew, or strongly suspected: U.S. consumers are becoming "digital omnivores," devouring content across tablets, smartphones and laptops.

DirecTV seeds virtual MVPD with bet on Big-Knockout Boxing

Seven months after Jim Dolan's Madison Square Garden Co. announced that it would build an entertainment complex in Las Vegas, DirecTV said that it is looking at venues for a new form of boxing programming debuting this summer that it described as "an aggressive new sport" which will "encourage aggressive punching and reward offensive fighters."

Cartoon Network app to deliver content bites with no authentication required

Cartoon Network is planning to move some small chunks of content off the cable TV platform and onto the mobile phone later this year with a "micro technology" app that delivers 15-second content bursts to mobile devices.

Aereo prepares to launch in Austin

Aereo plans to announce that it'll launch in Austin, Texas, on March 3, according to a report Monday from the Austin American-Statesman.

Akamai: Online traffic peaked at 1.6 Tbps during USA-Russia hockey game

In today's spotlight, FierceOnlineVideo takes a look at some of the record multiplatform traffic that NBCUniversal is generating from its coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Aereo ordered to halt launch plans in Utah, Colorado

Aereo's legal team saw its first significant setback late Wednesday, after a federal judge granted a request from 21 st Century Fox for an injunction that will halt Aereo's plans to expand to Denver and Salt Lake City.

Adobe, Ericsson, Harmonic, Avid power Olympics coverage for Comcast, NBCU

In today's spotlight, FierceOnlineVideo takes a look at the technology vendors who are scoring business from Comcast and NBCUniversal's coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

NPD report solidifies online video's growing threat to pay-TV

It's clear that content providers are guarding their brands and that online video is becoming a huge threat to over-the-air and pay-TV services.

Aereo shows that cord cutting has a long way to go

What's a cord-cutter's viewing experience like? I recently had the chance to sign up for Aereo when the service launched in late August in the Boston area. With online video streaming equipment in place on all of my TV sets and devices, and subscriptions to a few OTT services already in place, a service streaming local broadcast signals from a leased antenna seemed like the icing on the online video cake.

IPTV is now part of a much bigger world

In football terms, IPTV is the AFL of video entertainment, taking the field in the shadow of the NFL but, through the efforts of some pretty powerful players like AT&T and CenturyLink, reaching competitive parity with the big guys. That's why IPTV, the reason FierceIPTV was spawned in the first place, is no longer a niche product to be studied in a niche publication; it is part of a worldwide IP-based market of carriers and service providers.