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Latest Headlines

CenturyLink adds out-of-home viewing to Prism TV app

In a move that could help it compete with mobile video apps from rivals Cox Communications, Comcast and DirecTV, CenturyLink said it is beginning to offer its Prism TV subscribers the ability to stream 25 live TV networks on Apple's iPad and Google Android devices outside their homes.

CenturyLink to expand Prism TV to Highlands Ranch

CenturyLink plans to expand its Prism TV service to Highlands Ranch, Colo., which will be its 13 th  market.

CenturyLink adds Denver suburb to its growing IPTV market roster

CenturyLink will start offering its Prism IPTV service in Highlands Ranch, Colo., marking its first move into the Denver-area market, reports the  Denver Business Journal. After introducing the service earlier this summer in Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch becomes the telco's thirteenth IPTV market.

CenturyLink using IPTV to gain and regain customers

IPTV, as part of a triple play package, is not only plucking customers away from cable competitors but actually bringing former customers back into the fold, CenturyLink is finding.

CenturyLink exec to rail against TV retransmission rules

CenturyLink is relatively new to the pay TV space with its Prism IPTV offer and it doesn't necessarily think the way things have been done in the past are the way things should be done in the future, a company executive will tell Congress during two House subcommittee hearings on the pay TV marketplace this week.

Prism TV IPTV a bright spot for CenturyLink in second quarter

Continuing success in rolling out its Prism TV IPTV service was a bright spot in an otherwise downcast second quarter for CenturyLink which reported an overall 1.9 percent revenue decline ($4.53 billion versus $4.61 billion year-over-year) and a continuing loss of legacy service customers.

CenturyLink prepares to launch Prism TV in Eagle County, Colo.

CenturyLink said it plans to launch its Prism TV IPTV product in the western half of Eagle County, Colo.

Eagle County, Colo. to get CenturyLink Prism TV service

Residents in the western half of Eagle County, Colo., will be among the first U.S. subscribers to get CenturyLink's Prism TV IPTV service after the county formally renews a franchise agreement with the telco.

CenturyLink moves into Prism TV 'soft launch' in Omaha

CenturyLink appears to be moving ahead with the announced "soft launch" of its Prism IPTV service in Omaha, building hopes among both local officials and a telecom analyst that the telco will bring not only competition, but innovation to the market.

Setting definitions: IPTV is to IP video as CATV is to cable TV

IPTV is now only a fraction of what service providers are delivering across their networks. As technology and consumer preferences change, is the term "IPTV" approaching the point where it will be about as accurate as the old "CATV?"