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Latest Headlines

TWC's Marcus: NYC streaming trial results 'encouraging,' calls it 'where the world is headed'

While not declaring his MSO's trials in New York of IP-based pay-TV services an outright success, Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Rob Marcus reported a mostly positive review during his company's last earnings call as a stand-alone company Thursday.

Charter set to close on new company called 'Charter,' full transition will run through 2018

Charter Communications expects to finally close its acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks "within a few days" of the California Public Utilities Commission's May 12 approval vote of the deals.

Cable's broadband count will increase by additional 3.4M subs in 2016, says research firm

Cable operators will continue their healthy broadband subscriber roll this year, beating out telcos particularly in areas where they can only offer slower copper-based DSL services.

TWC techs threatened at gunpoint in Texas

The job of residential cable installer isn't without risks, as two Time Warner Cable technicians recently found out in Austin, Texas.

AT&T threatens TWC's hold on Los Angeles broadband, video market with 1 Gig launch

AT&T is lighting up its 1 Gbps FTTH service in the Los Angeles metro area, creating a new competitive threat to Time Warner Cable as the cable operator gets ready to be swallowed up by new parent Charter Communications.

Former Time Warner Cable software installation vendor's non-compete case gets tossed

A federal judge in Pennsylvania has tossed a lawsuit filed by a jilted Pennsylvania technology company, which claimed its subcontractors were improperly poached when Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC)...

Army of progressive groups launch FCC Hail Mary to stop Charter-TWC

A group of consumer watchdogs and progressive political action groups have banded together to implore the FCC to stop Charter Communications' purchase of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Verizon taking on cable with new 'Titan' business Ethernet program

Verizon is quietly making plans to hit back at the decline in Ethernet cable orders with an program dubbed "Titan" – which hasn't been officially announced yet – geared toward preventing wholesale and retail customers from turning to cable competitors.

Verizon's 'Titan' a quiet effort to challenge cable operators in business Internet

Cable operators such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable are increasingly gaining share of the Ethernet market by expanding their fiber networks and offering more services over hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks. So Verizon is quietly battling back with Titan, an unannounced initiative the company is pursuing where it has fiber available.

Verizon to challenge cable operators with 'Titan' business Ethernet program

Verizon is quietly battling the decline in Ethernet cable orders with an Ethernet program dubbed "Titan"-- an initiative it hasn't yet formally announced-- as more wholesale and retail customers turn to cable competitors.