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Latest Headlines

What happens now that Comcast/Time Warner Cable is kaput?

Regardless of whether it was ever going to be approved by the FCC and U.S. Justice Department, the long-awaited conclusion of the just-scuttled $45.2 billion merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable was always going to have a major impact on the U.S. pay-TV business and broadband business.  Special report

TWC adds 30K TV subs in Q1, experiences first growth in five years

Driven by what it says are improvements in products and customer service, Time Warner Cable added 30,000 video subscribers in the first quarter, the first quarterly addition of TV subscribers for the MSO since first quarter 2009.

How did Comcast, Charter, Dish and other pay-TV providers fare in the first quarter?

Now that the first-quarter earnings season is well underway,  FierceCable  is looking at how pay-TV distributors, including cable MSOs, IPTV operators and satellite providers, as well as relevant programmers and technology companies, performed in 2015's first quarter.

Report: Charter's Rutledge and TWC's Marcus set meeting

Charter Communications CEO Tom Rutledge will meet next week with his Time Warner Cable counterpart, Rob Marcus, to discuss the possible merger between the two companies, according to CNBC, citing anonymous inside sources.

Could Comcast-TWC scuttling open door for Netflix acquisition?

Could Netflix be acquired by a pay-TV giant like Comcast? Now that the merger deal between Time Warner Cable and Comcast is dead, anything can happen.

What new pay-TV deals will emerge in the wake of the failed Comcast-TWC merger?

Now that Comcast has abandoned its $45.2 billion quest for Time Warner Cable, speculation will begin to mount on a number of new possible deal scenarios.

Pay-TV's brave new world after Comcast-TWC

The merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable was going to set off a chain reaction of consolidation, when it finally got approved. Now, with the federal government's rejection of the deal, a whole new kind of reaction has been set off.

After Comcast-TWC, what deals are next? Analysts assess the aftermath

The long-awaited conclusion of the just-scuttled $45.2 billion merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable was always going to have a major impact on the U.S. pay-TV business. But no one is sure exactly what that impact will be. Here are a few possibilities to watch for.

Comcast's Roberts comes out in support of merger 'general' Cohen

Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts responded to speculation that his company's top attorney, David L. Cohen, might end up as the fall guy for a failed merger attempt with Time Warner Cable.

Report: TWC open to merger talks with Charter

Time Warner Cable is open to discussing a possible merger with Charter Communications, according to a Reuters report citing unnamed sources.